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I occasionally produce things that might be useful to someone else. When I had space to host them, this is where they went. Unfortunately, I don’t have a simple and straightforward way to make these available right now, so the list below is just here to remind me to figure something out.

Export as MPEG4 Droplet

This is an AppleScript droplet. It only works under OS X, and it needs QuickTime Pro. You drop a movie file or a folder full of movie files on it, and it exports them to the MPEG4 format, suitable for tossing on an iPod. It is my considered and learned opinion that AppleScript sucks.

Metra Schedule – North Line

This is a graphical schedule of the Metra’s North Line (Chicago to Kenosha), drawn after the graphical timetables of E.J. Marey. I read Edward Tufte’s The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and was very struck by the cover illustration, so much so that I built this graphic. It was generated from the timetables published on the Metra’s website using Mathematica. Some issues remain: the station labels run together around Ravinia, there are small but noticeable tick marks, and none of the trains that reach the end of the line after midnight are included. Overall, however, I’m quite happy with it.

Pulsed Laser Deposition

This is some work I did during the summer of 2005 for a physics professor. The subject is interesting; my project probably not so much. But who knows?

The task was to write some code in Mathematica that would run this particular model of a pulsed laser deposition experiment; my advisor wanted to know how she could expect the heat of the substances invovled to change. What I came up with is not particularly elegant, but it has the great advantage of working.

Theme (12-24-06)

This is the markup for the theme used on this web-page. It might be useful to look at if you’re curious about how I’ve set things up; it probably will not be useful to actually use, because the only things it does well are specifically things I wanted. So, for example, if you want to use other WordPress plugins, they probably won’t like this theme. But, if you want to see a good way to implement a fluid three-column layout, well, go nuts.

This theme is basically a hacked-up version of Kubrick, the default theme for WordPress 2.x. My “development process,” as it were, was to go through all the code, delete everything I didn’t want, change everything I thought was a mistake, and rearrange/add a couple of bits here and there. I like the result.

The theme is perpetually under revision; the date in parentheses refers to the most recent day on which I pulled everything together and uploaded it. Presumably, later dates will represent an improvement.


Written by Daniel Grady

October 8, 2006 at 05:51

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