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for two reasons.


I’ve heard tell that the Government is going to send me a check for $600, an economic incentive. That sounded awesome, but then I realized that everyone else is getting the same deal, so it was just sort of ho-hum. Then I realized that everyone else is getting the same deal, and I thought about it for a second.

This is really the best the government can do with our money? Give it away? They can’t think of any other damn thing to invest that money in? The best they’ve got is to tax us, then realize they taxed us too much, then throw fistfuls of our money indiscriminately into the country? Maybe they should take that money and hire me to tell them how to spend their money, because without even goddamn trying, I can think of no less than five things it would be better invested in, all of which involve giving Americans better educations. Of course, by instead investing the economic incentive money in public schools, they would have undone the keystone on which this whole plan rests, to whit: the assumption that most people will blow their wad. They are banking (ha! Double ha!) on the fact that the aggregate American is an idiot who will piss away their money in an instant instead of paying off their debt. They’re probably right, but it’s still pretty insulting, isn’t it? AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!


An email showed up in my inbox yesterday from Gene R. Nichol, who is the President of the College of William & Mary, the oldest chartered university in the nation and my alma mater. The email said, basically, that he had been fired by the Board of Visitors, and the implication was that this was for ideological reasons. Two hours later, here’s an email from the Board of Visitors that says, “That’s not true, we’re firing him, but not for those reasons, no no no.”

What are the reasons?

“Not the ones he claims.”

I don’t know the details, maybe they’re firing Nichol for legitimate reasons, I haven’t been back to Virginia in almost two years. Here’s what I know: William & Mary needs more money, like all colleges, but unlike all colleges, in fact unlike most colleges of its character, it is a public university, which means that the Virginia state government ultimately has the final say in most things William & Mary. The Board of Visitors is a state-appointed group of administrators who run the college. Gene Nichol gets hired, makes strong pushes to diversify the student body and provide more financial support to students in need, and now he’s fired. When the Board of Visitors made that decision, they were sitting in their meeting room, which is furnished with a U-shaped, 20-foot, marble-topped table and about 30 deep, cushy leather chairs. The chairs alone cost $6000 apiece, which means that when the BoV decided to can Nichol for whatever reason, their asses were comfortably resting in chairs that could have put fifteen Virginia students through four years at W&M.

The BoV can make all the claims they want about supporting Nichol’s ideals and programs, but they’re still sitting in leather chairs, writing on a marble-topped table, and paying techs like me minimum wage to sit in their meetings and open PowerPoint files for them.

To the Board of Visitors: screw you, and get your act together.

[UPDATE 2-14-08] Taylor Reveley sweeps in! Like your best friend who’s always had his eye on your girl, the runner-up to Nichol in the W&M presidential race of 2005 is there to let W&M cry on his shoulder, and then take her home and bang her.

Why am I so disgusted by these events? Am I getting old?


Written by Daniel Grady

February 14, 2008 at 15:41

Posted in Rants

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