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One site that I’ve been linking to quite frequently is Wikipedia, and I’d just like to point out what an amazing place it is. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you ought to. The idea is that it’s an encyclopedia, but absolutely anyone can get on there and edit an article, or create a new article. In spite of the sincere efforts of some people determined to wreck the experience, the whole thing works incredibly well. Just go here and start reading, it’s crazy what you run across.

Also, a day or two ago I mentioned Technorati, which is a pretty neat site. The idea there is to keep track of blogs and rate which are the most influential by counting the number of other pages that link to any given blog. It’s the same idea as citation analysis to determine the influence of a scientific paper, or Google’s PageRank thing, but for blogs. A site like Gizmodo is way up on the list because all kinds of people read it and then link back to it, whereas my poor site is at the bottom of the pile. Will you be my friend?


Written by Daniel Grady

May 7, 2005 at 02:38

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