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Check out the page’s fancy new design. Well, not so fancy, but still. I spent a lot of time this weekend working with CSS and HTML instead of doing homework, and the end results are a couple of swanky new doodads. Actually just two new doodads, really, but they’re pretty cool. Try resizing your browser window. Notice how the page will dynamically resize itself to fit? Isn’t that awesome? The other spiffy new thing is the oversize letter that begins each post now. Notice that they aren’t graphic files, those are actually just regular text, which means that they resize themselves appropriately if you make your default font size bigger or smaller (hit Ctrl-‘+’ or Ctrl-‘-‘ in Firefox). Impressive, no? The only other things that are different are just small cosmetic tweaks.

The page resizing bit I did on my own, but for the oversize letters I am indebted to Eric Meyer’s excellent site css/edge. And of course the basic page design is the Scribe template created by Todd Dominey, which I’ve tweaked to make it cooler. Yeah.

And now that I’ve had my two cups of French roast, it’s time to try and decipher some German.

Update: ‘Drop caps’ is apparently the ‘correct’ name for the big letters. As if anyone cared about being correct. Also, they don’t look right in IE because, SURPRISE, it doesn’t follow the W3C stylesheet specs. So if you’re using IE, don’t be a fool. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Get Firefox.’


Written by Daniel Grady

April 3, 2005 at 14:45

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